Motherhood Wonders

"And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision, and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." An-Nahl (16:78)

Let's Give our Beautiful Selves Some Much Deserved Love!

These activities only take a few minutes (no hours needed unless you wish of course) and can make us feel refreshed with TLC. 

Quran Recitation

Starting our day right can impact everything we do till night. Reading or listening to the Quran in the morning gives us the reassurance that everything is going to be alright. When we start our day connecting with Allah (SWT), there will be tranquility all around us. InshAllah


I know it is very hard to find time to read when we have a million things to get done. Caring for our children, homes, partners, and careers, we are juggling everything. One of the ways I have found to relax is to look through magazines. There are magazines on personal wellness, home, kitchen, gardening, and much more. I find it more calming than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Social media feels too overwhelming at times. Looking through fun pictures and skimming through interesting articles always teaches me something new. There is a magazine called "Breathe" that has wellness articles and they have given me so many ideas to recover from baby blues and anxiety. A few minutes' reading can really relax your mind. 

Podcasts or Your Playlist

Caring for children, cooking and cleaning do not have to be boring. I have learned to make it fun by putting on my music on my speakers while I cook in the kitchen and my son plays around (and picks up Urdu). If I am cleaning or organizing our closets, I feel l get more I get more done if I have a fun playlist that keeps me moving. Podcasts are also a great way learn new things and connect with more people while you get your stuff done. I have Spotify and Apple Podcasts. There is a whole variety out there. I am into listening to motherhood podcasts these days (MindfulMuslimahSpeaks, Muslimommy, The Motherkind, Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza, and The Mindful Corner). They are short and relatable. 

Bath Time!!!!

Did you know that bath time can be so much fun and super relaxing? I have just started using bath bombs. They smell and feel great. I also put on some relaxing instrumental music on my phone while I chill in the bathtub. I give my skin some nourishment by applying a full body cream afterward. There are many more ideas you can explore. Enjoy!


Who said you have to listen to kiddy songs ALL THE TIME? I put my playlist on and my kid jams with me. Whether you are picking up the groceries, or picking up your kids from school, make driving fun. Listen to the radio or create your own playlist to connect to Bluetooth. 

Energy Boost!

There are so many recipes to make healthy shakes. Find one that has all the right ingredients for you and ENJOY! You deserve a special drink just for yourself. We are running around all day and do not realize how exhausted we become. I like to add spinach, kale, apple, banana, strawberries, oats, flax seeds, soaked chia seeds and hemp seed in my almond milkshake. 

Plump, Supple, and Smooth Skin

I have been working my way towards healthy skin. Over the years, my pores started getting clogged with so much dirt and oil. I had uneven texture and dry patches. This Eid, I really paid attention to these skin concerns and took care of them. I applied oats, almond, and banana mask during the second last week of Ramadan to clear up dryness. In the last week, I made a tomato and egg white mask to bring the shine and brighteness back to my face. Now, I have been using Caudalie facial cleanser, serum, and Clinique moisturizer every day. There are so many good products that have less and easy to understand ingredients (I do not like random chemicals that I do not even understand) at Sephora and The Body Shop. It only take FIVE minutes in the  AM and FIVE in the PM. Your skin will love you.  

Fragrance Therapy

Smelling like onion and garlic ALL day is not aesthetically pleasing to our minds and bodies, is it? I have learned that the way I look and smell affects how I feel about myself. So, I have made a habit of putting on a light perfume at home and it keeps reminding me of myself ALL day. 

Pajamas are a no-no

I know I know, they are the comfiest clothing items but wearing them all day every day can make you begin to feel down. Get some new comfy outfits to wear at home. Look good to yourself. If I feel refreshed, I want my son to see that. I want him to learn to care for himself at home as well. It's not something we are usually taught, but I have learned that if we want to be more productive, we have to look presentable to ourselves as well. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand for me. 

Home Clean Home

I am not a clean freak, but having an overall clean home (or some clean parts for those of us with children) is so therapeutic for me. I need to have at least one space in the house that is clean even if it is my own room. Cleanliness is a big factor in creating more calmness in our home environment. So, Home Clean Home, it is for me. Some days it requires more attention than others, but the hard work pays off once I see everything clean. The calmness that I feel after cleaning helps me to better focus on other tasks. 

Reading for a Calm Mind

Reading can actually slow down our brains that are running and rushing all day. I like to have a bedside book to read. Even a few pages of reading helps me fall asleep and feel more relaxed in the morning. Having a book on the side table also reminds me to pick it up to read. It's not that hard to create a habit of reading (especially if we want this habit in our children as well). I just take small steps. 

Fresh Flowers anyone?

Adding some fresh flowers in the house every few weeks can also make you feel happy. I love adding flowers on the dining or side tables. You can even put them in your room. I am sure you and your spouse will feel an instant lift and a positive vibe in the house, InshAllah. Indoor plants do the same for me. Those of us who are blessed with a front and back yard, we can find our favorite flowers, and plant them. 


A few minutes of yoga can make your whole day better. The stretching, the deep breathes and the positive thoughts, all contribute to helping you feel more energetic and refreshed. Yoga is a great way to clear your mind and at the same time, strengthen your body. 

Meditate/Deep breathing

Meditation helps with calming your mind. A few quiet minutes to yourself away from all distractions can be so helpful. Our mind gets tired of thinking of tasks to get done all day and needs a break. Just sit, relax and appreciate yourself. 

Beautiful Pictures

Pictures of nature can be so therapeutic. If you can take a nature walk that is even better. Sometimes, all I do is look at places I have traveled to with my family and they make me feel so much calmer. It opens up your mind to everything that exists outside of your mind.