Motherhood Wonders

"And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision, and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." An-Nahl (16:78)

Retrain Your Brain

Learning to retrain your brain begins with learning ABOUT the brain. Our brain is the most powerful organ in the body. As we know, almost everything we do depends on our brain's function. Sadly, it is the least loved and cared for organ as well. Life's trials and stresses weaken our brain and weaken our overall well-being. Here, we will talk about what exactly goes on in the brain. 

Our Autonomic Nervous System is divided into two parts: 

Parasympathetic System (Rest and Digest): As you can tell, this system helps us to stay calm through different actions such as slowing our heart rate, constricting the pupils, constricting airways, etc. The activation of this system is needed by our bodies to perform our daily tasks with ease.

Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight and Flight): This system gets activated when responding to an emergency or a threat. When you experience symptoms such as heart rate acceleration, pupil dilation, an increase in sweat production, and a decrease in saliva production, digestive issues, it is very likely to be a result of your brain responding to an emergency or a threat. 

When your body and brain experience trauma or stress for a long period of time, your brain begins to wire itself to make sure you are ready to deal with that stress. However, what happens when you are no longer facing that stressful situation? Your brain will still respond the same way because it believes that you are still in danger and need to either fight the threat or run away from it. 

Brain Plasticity (neuroplasticity): This is where brain plasticity comes in like good news. Our brain has the capability to adapt to new experiences and grow. Research has shown that the brain creates new connections as a result of new experiences. So, we do not have to feel stuck in the same mental, emotional, social, physical state. This means that we are in control of our brains. We can reshape it and recover from any dysfunctions we may be facing. Alhamdulilah. How wonderful is this news!

Anxiety in a New Light: We all experience anxiety. Anxiety is the feeling that helps us achieve certain functions. It has existed within humans since the beginning of time. InshAllah, our aim is to keep it leveled and use it to motivate us in finding new ways to thrive. Anxiety can help you to see new possibilities, your own capabilities, and strengths. Sometimes, when it is heightened, I have learned that it could be because we are not paying attention to our inner self and reflecting on what it wants to achieve. This is where journal writing comes in. Writing down reassures that inner part of you by noting down thoughts, ideas, goals, and achievements. It works as a reward system and to a certain extent therapy as well. Journaling allows you to think clearly and lift the weight off your mind. 

Spiritual benefits: From my own personal experience, anxiety allowed me to get closer to Allah (SWT). Asking Him to show me the right way to handle it helped me see how quickly He (SWT) bring us the perfect resources. As Muslims, we know that everything is in Allah's (SWT) hands. Whether it is the right medication, the right doctor, the right mindset, He (SWT) will bring everything to you when you remain consistent with your dua. InshAllah. Read More

May Allah (swt) bless us all with ease, peace and comfort in our lives.

I hope you found this helpful =) stay safe and stay connected.