Motherhood Wonders

"And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision, and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." An-Nahl (16:78)

Yoga - The power of stretching

There is so much that you discover about yourself as you begin to focus on strengthening your body. ⁣ Yoga allows you to experience your life in a whole new way. The sense of peacefulness and gratitude that slowly takes over your body as you switch from one posture to the next is absolutely empowering.  ⁣ The deep breaths you take open up your mind. With each deep breath, your worries step away and your mental chatter becomes positive. ⁣ The meditation embedded in yoga allows you to slowly see your opportunities and new ideas begin to flourish in your head. ⁣ 

Yoga is a great workout for mothers who are looking to regain their strength and tone up the weak muscles after pregnancy and childbirth. As we become parents our self-esteem needs an uplift because childrearing asks for self-discipline. Before we can begin teaching our children how to navigate through life, we need to make sure we are on the right track ourselves. Teaching our bodies to be active is a great place to start. 

Ever since I started yoga, I can say with certainty that my mind has grown in ways I did not think possible. My inner self that always wished to be creative and connect with my community has become more determined to find ways to make that happen. Sometimes, emotions take over and do not let us see the best of our everyday reality. Yoga gives us the sight to see the possibilities that have always been right in front of our eyes. 

When I first started yoga, the hour used to seem so long and I could not wait for it to end. This is just a normal response of our brain when we begin something new and unfamiliar. It took me a while to find a place that I really enjoyed. The vibe, the look, the people, and the instructors, all mattered when it came to building my commitment. I just had to keep reminding myself that everything takes time to learn and become a routine. I eventually started looking forward to going. Showing up for myself made me feel so proud of myself. My self-esteem and confidence started growing and so did my dreams. 

Benefits of Yoga:

* helps strengthen your body

* helps with digestion, detoxification, and tension relief

* helps to alleviate aches and pains

* helps to gain better posture and flexibility ⁣

* builds positive self-esteem and self-image

* creates better focus and concentration

* improves memory and overall energy level

* balances brain functions

* helps with overcoming fear, anxiousness, and over-worrying

* allows you to see your own capabilities

* allows you to think deeper and outside of the box

* frees your mind from self-imposed limitations and allows creativity to flourish within you

* teaches you to push through people's judgments

* teaches you to prioritize yourself and your goals

* helps you to become and remain optimistic 

* gives you the strength to set the bar high for yourself

⁣ I follow Sarah Beth Yoga at home. I love her calm voice and positive affirmations throughout her workout videos.