Motherhood Wonders

"And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision, and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." An-Nahl (16:78)


I started running last year and it helped me transition smoothly from maternity leave to going back to work. When I started running, I began noticing the positive changes right away.  It would help me feel energetic throughout the day. I would feel happier and calmer. The fresh air and oxygen helped to improve my overall mood. Now, that I am becoming more consistent with it, I would like to share a few things that have made me more motivated. 

* holding on to the happy and relaxing moments I get after running 

* a pair of new and comfortable running shoes 

* the 5K app 

* my playlist 

* watching videos of runners 

*learning the right techniques to prevent injury and to get more benefits

It is very important to research how to maintain the right posture while running to prevent injury. 

A few techniques that I practice 

*  my upper body relaxed and straight

* my gaze forward

* hands in a soft fist 

* elbows bent

* hips forward

* knees slightly bent and not lifting too high 

* foot landing underneath the body during the run

* relaxed breathing 

Covid19 has us all at home, but I decided to be as consistent as I can to stay connected to the outdoors even if it just means running around the block. Once you start running, you begin to love it. Running has connected me to outdoors and nature. My body and mind always wait for the next time I will get to go out and run. The discomfort and awkwardness you feel in the beginning, all dissipate slowly. Your focus will shift from feeling that everyone in the neighborhood is watching to the endorphins your body is releasing. It is not long before the happy feelings take over. Running brings a huge perspective shift and, just like yoga, helps me see my own creative side.