Motherhood Wonders

"And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision, and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." An-Nahl (16:78)

Breaking the Cycle

I hope the tea is making it easy to handle this topic. 

I want us to focus on thriving not just surviving. 

Lets slowly take higher steps together. 

Trauma comes in many forms, but do we recognize it? We are conditioned to hide our emotions and pretend we are doing great even if our hearts are screaming “I am not okay at all”. Emotional processing gets hindered when we must put on a face to keep everyone happy. Most of all, we must “look” happy to avoid hearing people’s “you are so ungrateful” type of comments. We are not encouraged to speak to a professional who can guide us through our emotional turmoil (since friend and family do not know how or may not wish to hear you out).

Talking about traumatic things with family can take a toll on them as well. So, we choose we remain quiet and keep it all suppressed. What are some traumatic events or life’s trials that can lead to emotional built-up (and can potentially change your personality e.g. insecurity, lack of trust, co-dependency, etc).

Childhood and adolescence Traumas (domestic issues, abuse, parenting, etc)

Adulthood Traumas (tough work experiences, health issues, marital issues, infertility, parenting, children’s health, death in the family, etc)

Generational Traumas (holocaust, partitions, migration, slavery, etc) lead to survival mode within communities. When emotions need to be suppressed to keep going, it changes how children in those generations are raised. Emotional expression is not learned so never gets taught. Suppression takes over and continues amongst generations leading to unfulfilled human beings. I think we are lacking self-reflection and professional support.

Currently, many of us believe that traumatic events should be dealt with at home or within your own mind. Through our ancestors, we have learned that physical pain (wound, injury) always needs to be treated even if you need to see a doctor, but the emotional pain that causes way more damage should just be packed away.

 We are running to achieve one thing after another, and we are not giving our emotional selves enough of our quality time. Especially when we have gone through a difficult emotional experience, we should encourage each other to seek professional guidance to dig out every emotion and release it.

Emotions need to be released. Not speaking about them is like feeling physical pain and ignoring it, which makes the issue worse over time. 

It is okay to seek guidance.

It is okay to seek help. 

You deserve to speak your heart out.